We create virtuality

Discover the power of a totally immersive field experience

Immersive geology is a collective of professionals striving to build pleasant geological experiences

We offer a variety of solutions creating high quality virtual environments for people working in the Oil and Gas industry, Mining and tourism. We have more than 30 years of experience showing geology in many ways. 

Let the expertise of our personnel transport you to a fully immersive geologic experience…


Virtual Environments

Harness the power of tailored virtual spaces crafted meticulously to bring your narrative to life. We specialize in designing diverse, interactive environments, each one a bespoke creation molded to illuminate your story in the most engaging and compelling way. With our expertise, immerse your audience in a world where every detail resonates with the essence of your narrative, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Basin Analysis

We are experts in the development of specialized virtual environments for the detailed study of sedimentary basins. Our platform is a convergence of technology and education, designed to provide a comprehensive view that is both interactive and enlightening.


We collaborate with mining companies to amplify their projects’ value through bespoke virtual environments. These interactive platforms are ideal for presentations, AR experiences, and safety training, offering an engaging way to showcase a project's potential to stakeholders.

Learning and E-Learning courses

Join us! We provide a diverse range of online and in-person courses globally, designed to cater to varied learning styles. Our curated educational experiences blend expert insights and innovation, ensuring accessible, engaging learning that transcends borders. Dive into a world where education is dynamic, personalized, and limitless.


We develop virtual environments to boost tourism by integrating cultural value, enhancing promotion, augmented reality, accessibility, and education. Each tailored space highlights a location's uniqueness, offering an immersive, enriching experience for visitors.


El The VNE Project is an innovative web platform that provides access to virtual geological environments. Its goal is to develop a global library of virtual outcrops with detailed information and complementary resources. The platform is accessible via web browsers and mobile devices, and includes interactive features, 3D models, and multimedia materials. It is targeted at students, teachers, geoscientists, and anyone curious about geology.


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