We have more than 20 years of experience in conducting high level training courses for geoscientists working in academic and applied industry. Our courses use the last innovative technologies to assure a comprehensive training process on different topics related to the understanding of hydrocarbon reservoirs.

A new gate to a comprehensive learning experience

During recent years, the increasing technological advances provided exciting new tools to access to a new immersive training experience. In our courses, we have successfully integrated 3D outcrop models, 360 photographs, stratigraphic sections, well-logs and seismic with on-site explanations, old-style designs and drawings, and online discussions.  Our services include traditional field trips, immersive virtual field courses, in-house courses, and custom courses.

Virtual Field Trips

Attempting to adapt to the new circumstances created by the pandemic, we have developed a new platform for delivering virtual fieldtrips.

Traditional Field Trips

Come with us! There are many field courses we can offer in Argentina, Venezuela, Pyrinees, etc.

In House Courses

Theoretical and practical courses of specific issues

Custom Courses

We customize specific course for your working team or company.