Virtual Field Trips

Attempting to adapt to the new circumstances created by the pandemic, we have developed a new platform for delivering virtual fieldtrips. Technology advances allow us to create virtual scenes settled in the most didactic and outstanding outcrops that can be found in nature. Those scenarios gather an incredible set of data, with the chance of looking over the outcrops in 360 degrees, creating 3D models of each exposure and compiling several detailed photographs, adding an in situ explanation of the Geology by our instructors. The mode of operation of each course is based on the objectives of our customers, going from self-guided courses to courses guided by an expert instructor, including also forums to discuss the different studied outcrops, master classes and a system controlling and evaluating the learning progress of the participants. We have more than 30 years of experience delivering fieldtrips to the O&G industry. Let our instructor’s expertise to lead the magic of the field to your desk. We invite you to have a look at our demo version of the spectacular sea cliffs located in the Atlantic coast in northern Patagonia, Argentina.